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Welcome to Knowledge House

Knowledge House New Concept Is To Change And Give Chance With Dmit.

In last few years we have come together to spread various nobel and helpful concepts which helps children and  individuals to reveal in-born strengths and also know areas of improvements way before its too late and provides oppurtunity to select Right Education Stream, Career Selection and timely self improvements using various scientific techniques like Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test concept.


As you know, the Indian education system, focuses more on cramming information in the minds of our children, rather than giving them true knowledge, which they can use to shape a successful career.

Our system also overlooks the specific learning needs of each child, who is unique, resulting in immense stress. Shockingly, above 12,000 students commit suicides in India due to exam related stress. This number is alarming and makes us wonder where our system is going wrong!!!!!!!

You, as parents need to take an active role in understanding the special intrinsic potential of your child, and design suitable learning methods around your child needs.

DMIT technique has been developed by scientists and research experts from World renowned universities and is based on knowledge from Genetics, Embryology, Dermatoglyphics, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Our Vision

Knowledge House  vision is to impact 10 lac child.

  • To take DMIT to the remotest part of world and help to grow child’s future

Our Mission

Knowledge House’s mission is to impact at least 5 thousand children before the end of 2024.

To bring an easy affordable profiling tool i.e   DMIT which will help enable to truly know their child’s talent and best learning method, so that we can help them to realize their full potential.


More that Counselling it’s a discussion and suggestion on how to have a better life and how to solve a particular situation in life. Certain mental blocks, fear, or may be simply not thinking out of your box could be the only issue that is keeping you away from your dreams or success. Receiving the apt solutions and tools to enhance your mind’s power and regular practice of the same will help you to build a great future according to your desire. Solutions from your close ones who has vested interest in you could be different from those from an expert who actually views things neutrally as a third party. Anyone who needs to change them towards positivity can opt in for a Counselling.

  • Individual Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Couple Counselling
  • Premarital Counselling
  • Parent Counselling
  • Student counselling (age 12 +)
  • GarbhSanskar Counselling

Why To Choose Us


  • Minimum investment for franchise.
  • Authentic , Approval and Advanced DMIT
  • We give speed, attention marketing and counselling.
  • Recession proof business
  • Dedicated professional team
  • Long term and Vision and transparent policy.


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